About High Country Homes

Master Builder accreditedHigh Country Homes was established to cater principally for farm houses and lifestyle homes in Canterbury, New Zealand. Our services also include lodges, rural retreats, baches, and implement buildings such as barns and sheds.

If you twist our arm, we will also consider work in urban centres.

All around the South Island of New Zealand

We tackle building projects in the Christchurch and Canterbury district including areas such as Rakaia, Oxford, Rangiora, Waipara, Hamner, Kaikoura, Akaroa, Arthurs Pass, Castle Hill, Nelson, Marlborough Sounds and Murchison. Work further south is also considered.

Quality work – every time

Most of our work is architectural and to a very high standard. We are in the gold award winning category of the Master Builders. We try to be down to earth and practical when dealing with our clientele.

It is our preference to run only a few jobs at a time. This ensures good communication and attention to detail. People can expect a friendly design, consent and build process. Alternatively house plans that you already have can be priced.

Contracts & Design – What can you expect?

  • A site visit
  • A detailed concept sketch design that can save you thousands before you get too committed with CAD design
  • CAD design by a licensed design professional or registered architect
  • A detailed quotation with all fittings and trades listed
  • Our design work can be incredibly traditional or wildly inventive – you choose

Manager Simon Banks has been contracting in Canterbury for many years and has noticed that many New Zealanders and ex-patriots are now looking to the rurals as a relatively safe haven for their families. He has noticed that particularly Australian, South African and English immigrants are seeing the value in rural country over the local people and can help these ones from international locations if necessary.

Blending in with the environment

One of our objectives is to complement the environment.

It is our aim to help people set up their lifestyle property with appropriate claddings and a nice roof line suited to the land they are on. If required we can help with an enduring landscape design that will provide enjoyment for years to come.

We therefore encourage the use of timeless building materials that ultimately protect our customers resale.

In addition, much can be done to install products for self sufficiency such as solar panels, rain water collection and logburners etc.

Looking for a second opinion?

Sometimes people have contacted us for a second opinion about their project. Please feel free to do so, often a fresh set of eyes can make a world of difference.

High Country Homes aims to remind people of the way they are meant to live, dispersed on the land rather than jammed up in one spot. If you are into climbing, skiing, hunting, fishing, farming and cycling then we will get along just fine!